About Vigor Piling

Vigor Piling is highly specialized in the production of hydraulic power units (HPU’s), designed for both the construction and offshore industry. We have our own range of standard powerpacks, fully designed and produced to the wishes of our customers. 

Our HPU’s can be powered by a Stage V diesel engine or completely electric, fully adherent to the strictest emission standards and to our planet’s future!


Our In-House Production Process


We have our own engineering department, which uses the latest software and techniques to design the most efficient HPU. This also allows us to fully design a HPU to your needs and wishes.


Materials and components are supplied by reliable suppliers, most of whom we've known for years.


Assembling and welding of the powerpack frames takes place in our own welding department, with qualified welders and equipment.


According to the customer's demands, we can paint the HPU in any colour. Special coatings, for instance for offshore use, are available as well.


After painting, assembly is carried out according to a standardized process, shortening lead times and boosting quality control.


After the HPU has passed extensive testing, transport to the customer will be arranged. One of our technicians will commission the HPU and train the customer in the operation and maintenance.