About Vigor Piling

Vigor Piling was founded in 2018, by a group of people with decades of experience in the foundation industry. You may know our team members from Hera Hammers and Piling Plaza. Our core business is the production of reliable, efficient and affordable hydraulic power units for both the construction and offshore industry.

We have extensive experience with both HPU’s and hydraulic impact hammers and have decided to channel this experience into our own line of HPU’s. These HPU’s are not only designed according to our own wishes, but to the latest emission regulations as well; thus ensuring their sustainability for many years to come.

Both our engineering and production take place at our own facility in the Netherlands, allowing us to easily monitor and control the production process. Furthermore, this allows us to quickly incorporate changes, updates and requests into our HPU’s.

Welding the frame of a Vigor V-250 HPU