New Vigor Piling Hydraulic Power Units

Vigor V-250 Hydraulic Power Unit

The Vigor V-250 is the smallest powerpack in our product range, but nevertheless still packs a serious punch for its size.

EngineCaterpillar C7.1 Stage V 205 bkW
Drive PumpSauer Danfoss
Max. Pressure350 bar
Oil Flow250 l/min.
Fuel capacity565 liter
Hydraulic Capacity950 litre
Length3.500 mm.
Width1.700 mm.
Height2.037 mm.
Weight+/- 4.000 kg.

Vigor V-800 Hydraulic Power Unit

EngineVolvo TWD1683 Stage V 585 bkW
Drive PumpSauer Danfoss
Max. Pressure320 bar
Oil Flow800 l/min.
Fuel capacity1.200 liter
Hydraulic Capacity2.150 liter
Length5.000 mm.
Width2.250 mm.
Height2.420 mm.
Weight+/- 10.000 kg.

Vigor V-1500 Hydraulic Power Unit

The Vigor V-1500 is the largest HPU we’ve built so far, roughly the size of a 20ft. container.

Engine2x Volvo 1651GE (496 kW) Stage 3A
Drive Pump4x Sauer Danfoss
Max. Pressure325 bar
Oil Flow1.500 l/min.
Fuel capacity1.500 liter
Hydraulic Capacity 3.700 liter
Length6.276 mm.
Width2.660 mm.
Height2.250 mm.
Weight+/- 20.000 kg.